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 Academy Warning System/Rules

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Gary Oak

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Join date : 2012-12-31

PostSubject: Academy Warning System/Rules   Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:08 pm

Rules on offenses and punishments:

Class 1: Minor Offenses : 1 warning

* Necro-posting (Bumping old threads)
* Posting in a language other than English for the sole purpose of excluding the majority of users
* Spamming (Double posting, irrelevant/meaningless posting, off-topic posting)
* Abuse of Profile privileges (signature, avatar, spamlinking)
* Advertising without permission from Iris, Gary Oak or a Mod
* Undermining the staff
* NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material
* Making baseless accusations

Class 2: Moderate Offenses : 2 warnings

* Harassment (Trolling, insults, cybering, advertising)
* Evading or attempting to evade bans
* Attempting to find loop holes in the rules with malicious or exploitative intent
* Disruption on either the forums or chatroom (such as ALL CAPS posting)
* Flooding (repeated posts in either the chatroom or forums of the same/similar content)
* Arguing with Pokemon Academy staff members on bans, warnings, locked/deleted thread or the rules
* Requesting/posting a users real life information (Such as bank card numbers, passport numbers, telephone numbers, home address', etc.)

Class 3: Serious Offenses : 3 warnings or immediate Permaban

* Cyber crime (Hacking, threats of hacking or attempts to hack, malware posting, identity theft, etc)
* Copyright infringement (Piracy, plagiarism, off-site links to piracy websites)
* Threats of harm or suicide/murder
* Posting pornographic, illegal or serious NSFW material
* Defaming this website
* Using an offensive username
* Hate speech against protected groups
* Astroturfing for malicious means

Exceptions to the rule:
- Taunting of other players in a competitive/fun manner is allowed. However the line is drawn at harassment of other players, with a moderator to determine whether a line has been crossed or not
- Pokemon Academy Administrators have the right to change a rule in serious cases of breach or exploitation of the rules with those rules to take effect immediately, those rules can/will be re-evaluated at a later time (within 5 days of enaction) for a consensus vote for a more permanent change or having it only as a temporary rule for a certain period of time
- Serious cases of rule violations can lead to immediate Permaban even with no prior warnings given
- Multiple violations in a short period of time may be given in verbal warnings instead of written ones

Warning System:
1st warning - verbal warning, put on record
2nd warning - written warning, put on record
3rd warning - written warning, put on record, disposal of 50% of your BP
4th warning - written warning, put on record, disposal of 100% of your BP, Timed ban determined on the seriousness of the violations
5th warning - Permaban
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Academy Warning System/Rules
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